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Our latest endeavor!
As many of you know, the Fotonovela Production Company has launched itself into digital health fotonovelas! We have formed a strategic partnership with our colleagues at Upswell in Portland, Oregon. and have launched ¡Sana-Sana!
¡Sana-Sana! tells engaging stories that help overcome health disparities through fun, entertaining and interactive fotonovelas!
One of our projects is Entre Nos, a bilingual interactive digital fotonovela prototype on HPV prevention funded by the Centers for Disease Control SBIR program. We tested the medium with young Latinas in Los Angeles and Health Professionals all over the country with very promising results.
We recently launched an exciting project with one of the largest HMOs in the country on print and digital health fotonovelas focusing on the health and well-being of the Latino family. Stay tuned…more will be revealed…
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