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Santa Fe, NM – February 8, 2012

The Fotonovela Production Company, a subsidiary of ACMA Social Marketing, is pleased to announce that the print and web-fotonovela, “Más vale prevenir – An Ounce of Prevention…” produced for the California Department of Public Health – has received two prestigious health communication awards. The first is a health literacy award from Health Literacy Innovations and the second is a health communications award from The National Public Health Information Coalition.

Popular in Latin America, Africa, and the United States, fotonovelas, much like comic books, tell stories with dialogue and photographs instead of illustrations.  Since many Spanish speakers have trouble accessing good health information because of poorly translated and culturally inappropriate translations, the fotonovela is an ideal health literacy tool. The fotonovela takes complex information and makes it easier to understand through role modeling and conversation.

Ana Consuelo Matiella, president of The Fotonovela Production Company, a subsidiary of ACMA Social Marketing is the most experienced fotonovela producer in the United States.

Recognizing that Latinos are a growing presence on the internet, the California Public Health agency contracted the FPC to not only develop a print version of the fotonovela, but also, a web-version of this popular health education format. Click here to view the fotonovela.

About The Fotonovela Production Company:

The Fotonovela Production Company helps organizations reach their audiences by developing entertaining, easy-to-read, and multicultural educational materials,in print and on the web, that produce results.

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